With schools now officially out for the summer season (and many even more then due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), this means that children will now be spending plenty of time outdoors having fun, whether it be in the backyard, at a park, or in the pool. Regardless of where their fun will be taking place, however, it’s important that parents take the time to talk about electrical safety with them in order to ensure that they are safe from danger while they are outdoors.

Here are six summer electric safety tips for children to always consider.

*First and foremost, children should never, ever go into any electric substation located in their neighborhood for any reason whatsoever, even if they are dared by a friend to do so. These such substations are full of all sorts of high voltage equipment which have the ability to kill an individual. Furthermore, in the event that your family may have a pet that somehow finds its way into one of these substations, never attempt to go inside to rescue it. Instead, you should immediate contact your local utility company to report the situation and allow them to make the rescue instead.

*Always remind children that they should always be aware of any and all power lines that are around them. Furthermore, let them know that they should always assume that wires are always both dangerous and live, meaning that they should never, ever be touched with toys, other objects, or any part of the human body, as doing so can result in a potentially fatal shock.

*If your children have any model airplanes or kites that they enjoy flying, remind them to always do so in large-sized open areas, such as parks or fields. This will ensure that they will be flying them away from any overhead power lines. Furthermore, in the event that model airplanes, kites, balloons, or other similar objects do happen to get caught on power lines or other types of electrical equipment, do not attempt to retrieve these items yourself, as doing so can result in a potentially fatal shock.

*Children should also always be reminded that in the event that they become wet, such as from either swimming in a pool or after taking a bath indoors, they should never, ever touch any electrical toys, tools, or appliances. The same applies if they are standing in any amount of water. This is because energy can easily flow through water, which can result in an individual suffering a potentially fatal shock.

*Under no circumstances should signs, banners, balloons, or ribbons be either tied or hung from utility poles or other types of electrical equipment. Doing so can be dangerous not only to you, but it can also endanger local utility workers as well.

*In the event that either a friend, family member, or pet has come into contact with any type of electrical equipment, you should never attempt to try to rescue them yourself. The best option to take in this specific circumstance is to contact 911 immediately and await the arrival of your local emergency services.