Things to do in New Mexico during corona virus. News and updates are changing fast, so it’s possible some of these options have changed. If possible , call ahead. Regardless of whether you’re looking to go camping in the wilderness, partake in some mountain biking, go rafting for the weekend, or enjoy a full round of golf, there are all sorts of fun things that you can do outdoors in the state of New Mexico.

Before we dive into some of these fun ideas, here are a few fun facts about the state itself that you should consider making note of:

*New Mexico is known as the fifth-largest state in the nation

*New Mexico is home to a total of five national forests, 15 monuments and national parks, 26 wilderness areas, and 34 state parks

*New Mexico is home to Wheeler Peak, which is the state’s highest peak, measuring in at 13,161 feet high, as well as Elephant Butte Lake State Park, which features the state’s largest lake

*The Rio Grande River is located in New Mexico and is the fourth longest river in the United States

*New Mexico is home to a total of eight ski resorts that cover both the north and the south of the entire state

Here are some of the best and most fun outdoor ideas to consider taking part in when you visit New Mexico. A side note, however – due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that is currently taking place throughout the world, as well as some of the restrictions that have been imposed throughout various states, it is highly recommended that you first contact many of these areas in order to determine what activities may be available and which ones may not be for the time being.

*For those who may be fans of golfing, the state of New Mexico has many amazing and affordable golf courses that contain all sorts of different layouts depending on your specific preference, such as desert, mountain, and links. Even better is the fact that New Mexico always has more than 300 days of sunshine every single year, which means that virtually every season is golf season! Consider checking out such golf courses as Raton Golf Club, Quail Run Golf Course, Aztec Municipal Golf Course, Santa Ana Golf Club, Isleta Golf Club, and so much more!

*As previously mentioned, New Mexico is home to a total of 34 state parks. Consider taking the time to visit one of them if you’re looking to go on a hike on a nature trail, along the shore of a lake, or even on a more challenging mountain trail. No matter how easy or challenging you may want your hike to be, the many state parks in New Mexico are great for hikers, bikers, and even horseback riders as well. Of course, you can also visit the state parks to partake in a picnic with your family and friends or even just enjoy a nice day to catch some fresh air.

*Camping is another fun activity that many in New Mexico also enjoy partaking in as well. This is all thanks to the plenty of open space, diverse wildlife, and plant species that offer such amazing views, no matter where you choose to camp, whether it may be in a more rugged mountaintop, a lowland desert, or grassy plains. Regardless of the location you decide to go with, your camping spot is sure to exude large amounts of diversity for you to enjoy.