No matter what kind of floor plan you may be dealing with, your light fixtures should always relate with one another in terms of shape, finish, era, and style. A contemporary modern home won’t mesh well with vintage-inspired light fixtures, just as a barn-style home won’t look quite right with a dangling chandelier.

Below we’ve outlined three different types of light fixtures that will always work well together, taking the guess work out for you!

Mixed Finishes

Light fixtures that have mixed finishes are ones that are considered to be “bridges” for all sorts of other types of lighting options. For instance, going with a black and chrome option will typically mean that all other black choices and chrome choices will work just as well in the same environment. Additionally, this specific grouping of lights also has other kinds of shape commonalities that help as well. It’s a good idea to base the light fixture color off of the colors that are naturally found in your home, such as the kitchen countertops, the fixtures on sinks and handles in the bathroom, and other features.

Shapes and Textures

Light fixtures that have interesting shapes and natural textures are also ones that tend to work very well together as well. You will generally find these complete with neutral tones in wood, capiz, glass, soft woven fabric, and antique gold, all of which feel layered and soothing without feeling too similar or matched with one another. Additionally, there are also plenty of round shapes and curves as a way to help keep everything grouped together. Interestingly shaped and textured lighting would fit in very well in a vintage-inspired home, or a barn-style home.

Chrome and High Gloss

Light fixtures that are shiny and feature more geometric lines also work rather well together. Typically, these fixtures will feature a lot of chrome, high gloss finishes, angular lines, non-identical domes, and exposed bulbs. Speaking of the exposed bulbs, this is a feature that you can actually have a lot of fun with. More specifically, selecting one type of bulb could be a unique way to tie these fixtures together even more in your own special way. An Edison light bulb or lights with exaggerated and unique filaments can add an extra quirk to your fixtures and will be sure to be on trend.

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