It’s certainly no secret that having good lighting will help to make a great deal of difference in any room within your home. In the event you have a space that feels rather drab, there are thankfully many different ways that you can use lighting to help improve things.

Here are three ways to help improve lighting in your home.

Pick The Right Tone

One useful tip to make note of is to make sure that you select the right shade. While white shades typically allow more light to shine through, they also result in a colder tone. Shades with more color, however, will help to tint the light, thereby making it look warmer, creamier, or cooler; however, this generally depends on the specific color you select.

Light Up the Corners

Another tip to consider is to shed some light on the darker corners of your home. This includes shelves, cupboards, kitchen counters, and closets. These are areas that are generally ignored; however, when they are properly lit, they can become much more functional and beautiful.

Rule of Three

When it comes to each room, be sure to include three different sources of light. These sources should always be general lighting, such as pendant or overhead; ambient lighting, such as candles, decorative, or sconces; and specific lighting, such as table or task.

Consulting with a professional lighting technician is another great way to obtain more useful tips for improving the lighting in your home. More specifically, they may be able to also help you with saving money on your energy bills by coming up with more cost-effective methods to help shed more light in your home’s interior.

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